Directions & Parking — Santa Monica Pier (2024)

Below you can find the best modes of transportation for visiting us.
We highly encourage alternative methods of transportation to avoid heavy traffic.

By Car

From I-10 West
exit 1-A to 4th& 5thstreets, stay in the right lane to make a right on 4thStreet at the light. Make the first left on Colorado Boulevard and drive straight until you hit Ocean Ave. Turn left onto Ocean Ave. Make a right on Seaside Terrace – this is a small side street after the traffic light onto Pacific Coast Highway. Take the next right on Appian Way – this will take you to Lot 1 North on the other side of the Pier.

From Pacific Coast Highway South
If you are driving to Santa Monica on the Pacific Coast Highway, you can enter Lot 1 North by the beach directly from PCH. When approaching the Pier, stay right after passing the California Incline; as traffic moves left into the McClure Tunnel, stay in the right-most lane. This will take you directly into Lot 1 North. If you need to access the Pier deck from PCH, exit left to the California Incline which will take you up to Ocean Avenue. Turn right on Ocean; the Pier bridge will be on your right in three blocks at Colorado.

By Rideshare

Many ride-share services, including industry leaders Lyft and Uber, pick up and drop off passengers in Downtown Santa Monica. If coming to the Pier, set your destination to 1550 Appian Way to be dropped off by the beach so that you avoid the congestion of Ocean Avenue and the Pier Bridge. From this area you can take the stairs or wheel-chair accessible ramps onto the Pier deck and drivers can easily exit back out to Pacific Coast Highway and I-10.

By Train

The Metro Expo Line runs from 7th/Metro Center in Downtown Los Angeles to the Downtown Santa Monica Station, located at 4th and Colorado Ave. The total trip takes approximately 46 minutes – a fast, economically, and environmentally-friendly alternative to the I-10 Santa Monica Freeway. Regular adult fare on the Metro is $1.75 and includes two hours of free transfers. Trains run every 10 minutes at peak times, 12 minutes off peak, and 20 minutes early mornings and late nights. For more information,

To walk to the Santa Monica Pier from the Downtown Santa Monica Expo Station, head west on Colorado Avenue, cross over Ocean Ave, and walk down the Pier bridge. It’s approximately a 10 minute walk from the station to the Park.

By Bus

Big Blue Bus
Santa Monica’s mass transportation service, has service to the Pier on Bus 8 Downtown Santa Monica / UCLA.
The stop is at Ocean and Colorado. At the nearby Civic Center stop, you can catch buses 9 Pacific Palisades / Downtown Santa Monica, 2 Wilshire Blvd, and 5 Culver City / Downtown Santa Monica. On 4thstreet buses 7 Koreatown / Downtown Santa Monica and 3 Aviation / LAX make stops for both their standard and rapid services. Local trips are $1.25 each way. Find up-to-date times and schedules

The Los Angeles metropolitan transportation system that encompasses 100 miles of light rail lines and over 2,000 buses spanning a 1,500 square mile service area. Metro Bus 534 Downtown Santa Monica / Trancas Canyon stops at Colorado and Ocean. On 4thstreet you can catch the Metro Rapid 720 all the way to Downtown LA via Wilshire. Metro Buses are $1.75 one way or $7 to ride all day. See schedules, other bus routes servicing Santa Monica and a handy trip planner

By Foot

The Pier is centrally located in Santa Monica and easily accessible on foot from all hotels in Downtown Santa Monica, as well as Santa Monica Place and the Third Street Promenade. Simply look towards the sea and walk
until you get to Ocean Avenue. You will be able to see the Ferris wheel and Pier.

To walk to the Pier from Downtown, the best path is to walk under the historic Santa Monica Pier and Yacht Harbor sign at Ocean and Colorado and down the Pier bridge.

If you are on Main Street or coming from hotels and other destinations along Pico, head towards the beach and take Ocean Front Walk. This meandering pathway leads past ocean-front cafes, hotels, and the historical Muscle Beach to the back side of the Pier which is accessible by a number of stairways and wheel-chair accessible ramps.

By Bike

The Santa Monica Pier is within easy cycling distance from anywhere along the southern California coast!

Take the Marvin Braude Bike Trail – also known as The Strand – which is a paved path that runs 22 miles
(35 kilometers) along the shore from Will Rogers State Beach in Pacific Palisades all the way south to Torrance County Beach. Bikes are allowed on the Pier.


Beach Parking Lot
Please use the address below:

1550 Appian Way
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Santa Monica Pier Deck
Open Monday-Thursday 9AM-8PM

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Directions & Parking — Santa Monica Pier (2024)
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